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Contact a Mod / FAQ / "What is Kink Meme?"

Contact/Ask a mod here. All comments will be screened.

FAQ for the uninitiated


What's a kink meme?
Kink meme is a place where fans can post idea for a fic (prompt), and they can also write fics for prompts that interest them.
What’s a fill?
It’s a fic written to someone else’s prompt. So a prompt over there which I wrote for was “Ron LaFlamme/Richard - Idk, something about them please :3“ I wrote about 300 words, but you can write far less or far more than that if you want to. If you write something so long it won’t fit in one reply, just split it over two (or more). Some of the prompts are very specific, some are just a pairing.
How do I post my fic?
Hit “reply to this” under the prompt you’re filling, paste your fic in the box, add “fill” to the subject line if you want people to find it easily, then hit Post Comment. You can preview it first if you want to. You can also post it to your tumblr/ao3 directly and just post the link in reply. Don't forget that ao3 has anonymous function, if you don't want to reveal your username. For example if your fill is too long and you don't want to deal with breaking down the fics within dreamwidth's character count comment limitation, you can get an account there, and when posting new work, scroll down to "Post to Collections / Challenges" then type "Anonymous" and select the "Anonymous (anonymous)". When you hit post, the author will be listed as "Anonymous [your username]". Don't worry, your username won't be seen by anyone but you (if you log out you won't see it).
How do I leave a prompt?
Click the “post a new comment” link on the fills post (here). Put the pairing (and a short summary of your prompt, if you want to) in the subject line, and the prompt in the text box.
Do all the prompts or fics need to be kinky?
Nope. Some of them are, but I’ve written two fills with nothing beyond flirting. (If you want to request or write smut, though, go for it.)
I don’t have a Dreamwidth account
Everyone posts anonymously anyway, you don’t need one.
Can I post it under my own name to tumblr or AO3?
You don’t have to (if you don’t want to own up to writing Brogrammers hentai or whatever), but you can.

ps: thanks for daisiestdaisy for this FAQ!

Definition of "ship hate"?

(Anonymous) 2015-09-22 03:59 am (UTC)(link)
That screened prompt was based on things the characters actually did in canon; is that "ship hate"? Is any prompt requesting a character doing something unpleasant or mean "hate"? I guess I'm a little concerned that this is going to end up so heavily policed people are going to be afraid to prompt anything. IMO the fewer rules kinkmemes have and the less judgmental they are the better off they are.

Two questions

(Anonymous) 2015-10-02 12:56 pm (UTC)(link)
I have a couple questions!

1. Is real person fiction/shipping(RPF/RPS) allowed? Like... requests for the actors from the show?

2. Are art fills acceptable?

Thank you for your time!